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Pierre M. Trudeau studied film animation at Concordia University in Montreal. He founded an independent company, Cine-Clic, to produce public interest advertising and has since directed some 15 animated shorts, including Last Call Blues (1985) and Buston Keater (1986). Winning the 1986-1987 Cinéaste recherché(e) competition gave him the opportunity to make his first film at the NFB. Kid Stuff (1990), a shattering look at domestic violence, revealed Trudeau's singular style and his talent for designing 3D puppets from construction paper. He went on to make two films in the Rights from the Heart collection for children, 1, 2, 3, Coco (1991) and Baroque’n Roll (1994), both using puppet animation. His films featuring a clockwork cuckoo, Cuckoo, Mr. Edgar! (1999) and Operation Cuckoo (2002), are two charming and amusing children's tales about the joys of fatherly love, made by computer animation. After a step in France on the short film Ruzz & Ben (Philippe Julien, 2004), Pierre M. Trudeau produced and directed three non-narrative shorts (Tripes, Entrailles, Viscères) and Garbage Angels.